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"Just tried your Meals with Wheels sampler and I am impressed! Good food, good price! The quality of your packaging is priceless, sealed scent-tight, which is a tremendous issue where I am headed, Yosemite Park. The less a black bear can smell, the better I like it.

The other suppliers of freeze dried food just haven't caught on to the fact that a hungry hiker needs more than three ounces dried, even the double meals fall short at five and six ounces. I hike hard and your double meals are just right up my alley!

Consider me a repeat customer."
Jeff Hersey
Kent, WA June

"We send Pack Lite meals on all of our canoeing and hiking trips, and campers and counselors love them - tasty, easy to make, generous portions. We appreciate the prompt, personalized service, and are pleased to support a woman-owned small business in northern Minnesota. Thanks!"

Andre Theisen, Director

Camp Mishawaka
Grand Rapids, MN

"About a year ago, I ordered 10 days worth of vegetarian meals for my son, Erik, to take on his Scout backpacking trip to Philmont. He thoroughly enjoyed your meals; apparently, the meat-eaters were envious of Erik's tasty cuisine! To this day, he remembers by name the Wild Bill rice dish and South of the Border chili. This summer, he'll carry your meals to SeaBase, a deserted Scout Island off Key West."

H. Scott Hestevold
Tuscaloosa, AL

"I recently purchased your Mom's Pasta Primavera and Minestrone soup. I have a trip coming up, and wanted to be certain I liked it before going, so I ate the pasta here at home. It was excellent! Normally I have to add spices to my dehydrated foods, but yours didn't need anything at all. And being a vegetarian meal wasn't even noticeable, and I'm a big meat eater. I also like the low sodium, as I am on a 2 gram/day restricted sodium diet. Almost every other backpack food is full of salt. Thanks for a great product, and I will be replacing my pasta and getting some other meals before my trip."

David Trevaskis
Anaheim, CA

"I used Pack Lite Foods during my 6,500-mile circumnavigation of Greenland and at the end of each day the one thing we looked forward to most was dinner. During that 22-month expedition we never got tired of Pack Lite's recipes. They are well-balanced nutritionally to pack a punch and the condensed packages fit well into our modest kayak hatches.

Our next expedition, called the One World Expedition, is a 1,240-mile unsupported summer crossing of the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole. Unsupported means that when we leave the coast of Siberia on our way to the Pole, then to Canada, we will have everything we need for the 100-day journey in our canoe/sleds from the beginning with no chance for help or supplies along the way.

This means we have to take the best, lightest nutritional food that takes up the least amount of volume on our trip. That's Pack Lite."

Lonnie Dupre



"Your meals are delicacies!"

Erik Hestevold, age 15
Life Scout, Troop 7
Tuscaloosa, AL

"Thank you again for your personal assistance with my order and, most importantly, for producing such an excellent product.

My two young compatriots ate up the outdoors, quite literally. The Pack Lite Foods - chili, pasta, wild rice, oatmeal and hummus - were all hits after intense calorie-burn hikes, dune climbs and swims on North Manitou Island. Your portions were just right to feed the ravenous duo and me (we used two two-portion packages for each meal).

Excepting the beef jerky hidden in their packs, we were a meat-free excursion... and the guys hardly noticed :)
Again, thanks much. We're hooked on Pack Lite for our next adventures."

Carl G.
Traverse City, MI

"A big thank you for great tasting meals. It really made my wife's first introduction to camping a huge success -- she even promised to go out again if there were more treats from Pack Lite!"

Longview, WA

My wife and I (both are teachers) took nine of my students for a 25 mile, 4 night hike on the AT this summer, through the James River and Thunder Ridge Wilderness Areas. Despite having horrible weather (some of the worst rains I have ever hiked through), we managed to complete the hike and had a great time doing it. As for our Pack Lite foods, we found them to be a ton of food for two people, so much so that we actually shared our leftovers with some of the kids that had not brought enough food! We will certainly order from you guys again."

Jon from North Carolina

"The food was great. The flavor and selection was a huge improvement over the usual dehydrated meals available at camping stores (you know, chili mac, chicken alfredo, etc.) The portions were perfect for two hungry hikers. The packaging was convenient, lightweight, all in one bag. As far as our trip - we spent five days in a cabin in Wilderness State Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The cabins are rustic (no running water, one room with a wood stove and a fire ring outside) and this particular one was about a 2.5 mile hike in from the road... there are wonderful trails all around the cabins."


"I tried your sampler with Green Bean Cuisine, South of the Border Chili and Meals with Wheels. Among our three taste testers, the Meals with Wheels was the favorite, followed by a tie between the chili and green beans. They were all fabulous, and we look forward to eating well on the trail! Thanks for a great and healthy product!"

Ali from California

"....One truly outstanding adventure was the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, Canada. It rained nearly constantly for the first two and a half days of our hike. The wide corridor between the towering evergreen trees consisted of mostly calf-deep black mud and large slippery roots. This stuff was interrupted by wooden ladders that dropped us down and took us up hundreds of feet as the route crossed steep-walled stream valleys. My "South of the Border" and "Bean and Lentil" chili dinners were truly bright spots on those dreary days."




"My wife and I just got back from our 7 day epic in the Bob Marshall Wilderness...we took with us a number of your meals. Please let me tell you (again) how much we love your trail food! There's always enough of it, and it's delicious! We have brought along some of our own condiments to add to some of them, and dinner in the wilderness has never been better. Please keep up the good work."

Tim from Ohio


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